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TF-CBT Training Registration: Virtual and In-Person Options

We are now approved by the American Psychological Association to provide continuing education.  

TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents (ages 3-18) who are experiencing negative impacts following any type of traumatic event. Through this virtual training, therapists will learn how to implement the model with fidelity and how to know who is appropriate for this treatment. This training includes an overview of trauma-informed assessments and time to discuss clinical challenges. There will be opportunities for consultation regarding actual cases, to discuss challenges, and to share successes as children and families progress through the healing process.

Also included in the price are 12 group consultation calls (1 hour each). These are steps that are required to provide TF-CBT and to become a Certified TF-CBT Therapist.  See link for a flyer at the bottom of the page.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe four ways trauma impacts children and adolescents 
  • Select gold standard measures to assess PTSD in children and adolescents 
  • Describe benefits of using an evidence-based practice with children and adolescents experiencing trauma symptoms 
  • Explain theoretical underpinnings of TF-CBT 
  • Describe symptom criteria of PTSD and complex trauma in children and adolescents 
  • Identify inclusion criteria for TF-CBT participation 
  • Explain rationale for TFCBT to caregivers, children, and adolescents 
  • Identify the components of TF-CBT
  • Describe 3 strategies to teach relaxation skills to children and adolescents
  • Identify the importance of gradual exposure throughout TF-CBT 
  • Identify ways to manage therapist anxiety when exposed to traumatic details
  • Identify 3 ways in which children and adolescents exhibit symptoms of avoidance
  • Identify the role maladaptive trauma related cognitive distortions have in symptom formation and maintenance
  • Recite 3 activities to assist children and adolescents in modifying cognitive distortions
  • Explain methods for caregivers to engage in trauma informed parenting and communication skills

Please complete this registration form if you would like to attend one of the upcoming rounds of TF-CBT Training, which will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Please indicate your preference below. If the training is full before you register, you will be notified that you are on a waiting list. Participants must attend a full round of training to receive credit or to provide TF-CBT to clients. The small group consultation calls will be scheduled following the training.

Additional dates will be added throughout the year.

Please review the separate TF-CBT Training Requirements document before completing the following Registration Form and save this for future reference. This includes additional requirements due to the virtual format.

For questions, please email Carolyn, the Administrative Assistant, at

The virtual version of this training is approved for 16 CE credits.  The in-person version is approved for 14 CE credits (due to scheduling variations).

Click here to view our Grievance Procedure.  There is no commercial support for this program. 

Additional Dates!
Virtual Trainings in
September, October, and December 2024!

All virtual trainings are scheduled from 10:00-3:00 EASTERN time each day, with lunch breaks from 12:00-1:00.

Virtual Training:  September 3-6, 2024

Virtual Training:  October 15-18, 2024

Virtual Training: December 17-20, 2024